Breathtaking Pražský Výběr

Programming Marpo Lone Survivor

A few images how we worked on Marpo Lone Survivor concert. Wyg Programing Studio Pro

Programming Karel Gott tour 2014

A few images how we worked on Karel Gott tour.

Up-to-date software versions

Our programming studio uses The R36 version which offers significantly better quality of light rendering and brings about better reflections in glossy floors.

World’s top quality light controller in our studio

Our studio offers several light controllers, including Grand MA2 full-size for a favourable price of EUR 500/day.

Notable time saving Significant increase of Catalist5Pro quality

Programming studio is a specialized workplace which allows you to program lights and video screenings

What does it look like at our place?

We have been visited by V.I.P. News Preparing Karel Gott’s tour

Programming studio was visited by a V.I.P. news reporter who shot the preparation for Karel Gott’s upcoming tour.

Co Wysiwyg umí?

Téměř vše, co Vás napadne. Vytvořenou vizuální podobu můžete zaznamenat formou statických snímků a videa, jež můžete použít jako prezentaci umělcům,…

Marpo Lone Survivor

Marpo Lone Survivor concert became an event of the year and exceeded all expectations with spectacular reception by the audience and general public.