Even you can enjoy the cosiness of our Studio
What does it look like at our place?

We have tried to design the programming studio to turn the time you spend at us into pleasant experience and to make the programming as similar to the view of the stage from the stage manager’s place as possible. You can adjust the studio atmosphere with dimmable light as you need and as it is comfortable to you.



The studio has been designed in order to be comfortable and the elevations
in the studio enable good visibility of the screen from each seating place.





Studio dimensions

Studio dimensions: 480 cm wide, 750 cm long, 300 cm high

Studio lighting

All lights in the studio are dimmable ones, especially the wall-mounted lamps, staircase lighting and table lamps at the seating places.

Guest capacity

Seating for a client is 400 cm wide . It can comfortably take 8 people of the client’s staff + 6 people of personnel (Wysiwyg operator, technical staff)


The Studio is equipped with a projection screen with the dimensions of 
400 x 250cm and a projector in Full HD 1920x1080pix resolution and output of 5000ansi.
At the seat for the stage manager and the client there is a small portable desk with a control room using intercom and microphone connected to the sound system in the studio. Stereo sound system including 800W subbass is fully integrated in the studio area and it includes a 12-channel sound control panel. 
There is a WiFi connection available in the whole studio.
The studio fore room includes a toilet, a coffee machine and a smoking room.




Light controllers most
frequently used in our studio

You can also bring your own light controller and MediaServer.
Wysiwyg communicates with many light controllers. Our experience has shown that some of these are perfect and some are less suitable for work in the studio and connection to Wysiwyg software. See the list of recommended controllers. Controllers which you can connect to this system and which we are concurrently able to provide or arrange their rental.


We recommend

Light controllers most frequently used in our studio


 Grand MA2

Grand MA2 is one of the most frequently used light controllers for large projects. It concurrently communicates with Wysiwyg very well. It is the most frequently used controller in our studio and is also able to handle videos.



ChamSys is another very frequently used light controller for working with Wysiwyg. It is the second most frequently used controller in our studio and is also able to handle videos.



Light controllers which we are able to
provide or arrange for you.

If you do not want to use your own light controller, we offer you the possibility to supply one or arrange the rental of the light controllers below.



The light controller has to be ordered in sufficient advance as the equipment is frequently used in other projects. We recommend ordering at least 30 days in advance.




Wyg Programing Studio Pro


 Wysiwyg operators

The studio rental also includes Wysiwyg system operators. They take care of the studio and proper functioning of Wysiwyg program for the whole duration of the programming itself. They also ensure eventual changes in the 3D model of the stage, control the moving parts of the stage or carry out any required modifications of the program settings.
 We speak English, Czech and Polish in the studio.

The Wysiwyg operators are the only required staff from our studio. Other staff members, such as lighting technicians, video programmers and playout have to be provided by the client themselves. 

We can provide or mediate a complete creative and technical team upon request.


Light Designer

The clients usually provides their own light designers. If required we can recommend an light designer from the Czech Republic or abroad. 


Lighting operator - programmer

If required we will provide you contact information.


Video creative and playout

Clients usually provide their own video creative part and their equipment is connected to our programming studio.  We can also provide our MediaServer Catalyst for playout – launching of the video or supply a video workplace with Ventus for online programming of graphic elements, including the operators.


 Is this programming studio a solution for your production? 
We will gladly answer your questions at the contact addresses below